Iron Range Havanese
Family raised with lots of love!

Welcome to Iron Range Havanese.  Thank you for visiting our website dedicated to our precious Havanese sisters Bella & Nalla that share our life.  They are AKC registered with champion bloodlines.    

Our family lives in northern Minnesota, commonly known as the Iron Range.  It's a wonderful and safe place to raise a family.  Winters can get quite cold at times, but it doesn't seem to bother all of the dogs who love to play in the snow.  Our dogs are family raised with lots of love and have the complete run of the house.  Our home seems to be the hang-out with kids so the dogs are very socialized.

I interviewed many breeders who were raising and selling the Havanese breed.  I wanted perfection and that's what I got.  In all honesty, I was completely shocked with the quality that some breeders try to sell.  I was very fortunate to find a great breeder that provided the finest traits available.  
Our girls are incredible dogs with the sweetest personalities.  I saw my first Havanese on the 4th of July in 2008 and fell in love instantly.  They remind me of a minature sheep dog.  If you're looking for the perfect family dog, especially with kids, then this is your dog.  They love children of all ages.  Our girls are outstanding and produce exquisite puppies that better the breed.
Nalla                                                                                                    Bella & Jenna